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These policies are subject to change until the beginning of the semester and throughout the remainder of the course, at the judgement of the course staff.

All times listed on the course webpage are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).


You are not alone in this course; the course staff are here to support you as you learn the material. It’s expected that some aspects of the course will take time to master, and the best way to master challenging material is to ask questions. We will use Piazza for online questions and discussions.

The course staff will be holding regular office hours. We have listed their times on our Office Hours page.

The Q-Center is a great resource as well. You can book an appointment online.

More acadmeic support, e.g. peer mentors, academic coaches, and others, can be found at Students are encouraged to reach out to the Director of Academic Support to explore effective learning, studying, test-taking, note-taking and time and stress management strategies that are essential to success in this course and college life. Students can schedule a meeting with the Director of Academic Support by visiting the Office of Academic Support website.


The main text is a free online textbook called ThinkJava that has been modified for CS113.


Homework assignments are a required part of the course. Homeworks will be released at the latest Tuesday evenings and will be due the following Monday evening. Each student must submit each homework independently, but you are encouraged to discuss problems with other students and course staff.

Late days

By default, we will not be accepting any late assignments. Because of the course’s fast pace and weekly assignment schedule, it will be very easy to fall behindif you regularly submit assignments late. However, emergencies and unforseen circumstances inevitably arise. If you are requesting an extension for an unforseen emergency, please email Adam. Briefly state why you are requesting the extension and a proposed date for submitting the assignment. Poor planning or heavy work loads in other courses are not valid reasons for extensions.


There are weekly labs. Attending lab is part of your grade. The labs are designed to be a space where you will get more experience programming. Lab grade is based purely on effort. You are allowed to miss at-least one lab. Labs will not be recorded.

Dropped Homeworks and Labs

To account for issues that arise in these uncertain times, we will drop your lowest homework and and lowest lab.

Academic Integrity

At Bryn Mawr, we assume students are trustworthy and work with honesty and integrity. Look here for information about Bryn Mawr’s Honor Code.

As you progress in this course, you will see that programming is a creative process, similar to writing. The same problem can be solved in multiple ways. It’s essential that you develop your own skills for developing algorithms and implementing them through programs.

Academic Integrity in Computer Science

*Discussing ideas and approaches to problems with others on a general level is fine (in fact, we encourage you to discuss general strategies with each other), but you should never read anyone else’s code or let anyone else read your code.

Academic Accomodations

All classes will be recorded and close-captioned. Links to lectures will be posted on the class syllabus.

Any student who has a disability-related need to record this class first must speak with the Director of Access Services, Deb Alder, as part of university policy. Class members need to be aware that this class may be recorded.

To receive an accommodation for a course activity (such as more time on exams), you must have an Accommodation Letter from the Office of Student Disability Services and you need to contact us to work out the details of your accommodation at least two weeks prior to the activity. Forms can be emailed to me, the instructor.

You are also welcome to contact us privately to discuss your academic needs. However, all disability-related accommodations must be arranged, in advance, through Student Disability Services.

Students needing academic accommodations for a disability must first register with Access Services. Students can call 610-526-7516 to make an appointment with the Director of Access Services, Deb Alder, or email her at to begin this confidential process. Once registered, students should schedule an appointment with the professor as early in the semester as possible to share the verification form and make appropriate arrangements. Please note that accommodations are not retroactive and require advance notice to implement. More information can be obtained at the Access Services website:

Covid & Sick Policy

Lectures and labs will have a mask-friendly policy. All are welcome to wear a mask if they so wish, but no one is mandated to wear a mask.

If you are symptomatic (coughing, sore throat, or running nose), please stay at home. Lectures will be recorded so they can be watched later. Missed lab activities will be able to be made up on your own.