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The department has state-of-the-art computing facilties and equipment. Several servers support the computing infrastcructure of the department that includes over 50 workstations running Windows and/or Linux operating systems. The department also has a 50-node Beowulf Cluster for high performance computing. Departmental laboratories include:

General Computing Laboratory

This lab has 25 workstations running Windows and Linux operating systems. It is equipped with media and data projection equipment and also houses an informal library wall. It is available to students 24/7.

Computer Graphics Research Laboratory (Prof. Dianna Xu)

This laboratory has high performance computer graphics workstations and other media equipment. It also has several Windows/Linux workstations.

Emergent Intelligence Research Laboratory (Prof. Douglas Blank & Prof. Deepak Kumar)

This lab has several Linux workstations and a number of robots: MIT Handyboard/LEGO robots, several Kheperas, several SONY Aibo, several Pioneer 2 robots, a PeopleBot robot, a B2, and a large, home-made robot called, LNR. This lab also has media and data projection equipment, a video authoring station, and other robotics equipement.