Bryn Mawr College
CMSC 399 Senior Conference
Spring 2024

Instructor: Deepak Kumar
Office: 202 Park Science Building
E-mail: dkumar @ brynmawr dot edu

Class Meeting:
Fridays 2:10 o 4:00p in Room 278 Park Science Building
Instructor Office Hours: TBA (Or, By Appointment)

Course Description: This course is a capstone to your undergraduate Computer Science education in which you will have the opportunity to identify, plan, design, implement, and evaluate a computing-based solution to a real-world problem. In completing this course, you will gain experience in:

Whether your next step after graduation is industry, academia, research, government, or non-profit, these are the sorts of skills you will need in your career as a successful computer scientist and engineer. The main deliverable of this course is a final report that describes the motivation for your project, details about the solution/implementation, an assessment of its effectiveness, and your own personal reflection on the process.

Course Schedule & Impostant Dates

Course Policies


Attendance and active participation are expected in every class. Participation includes asking questions, contributing answers, proposing ideas, and providing constructive comments.

Please stay in touch with me, particularly if you feel stuck on a topic or assignment and can't figure out how to proceed. Often a quick e-mail, or face-to-face conference can reveal solutions to problems and generate renewed creative and scholarly energy. It is essential that you begin assignments early.


Grades will be awarded based on the number of points earned and according to the percentage breakdowns shown.

Final Report 50%
Deliverables 20%
Weekly Reports & Updates 15%
Class Attendance & Participation 15%

Incomplete grades will be given only for verifiable medical illness or other such dire circumstances. Incomplete grades must be approved through the Dean's office.

ALL work submitted for grading should be entirely YOUR OWN.

Thanks: To Chris Murphy & Geoffrey Towell for the guidelines posted above.