CS110: Introduction to Computing, Bryn Mawr College

Douglas Blank
Spring 2010

General Information

Douglas Blank, 248 Park Science Building, 526-6501
Email: dblank (at) cs (dot) brynmawr (dot) edu
Web: cs.brynmawr.edu/~dblank
Office hours: Monday 10am - 11am, Wednesday 10am - 11am, and by appointment.
Lectures: Tues and Thursdays, 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Lab: Park Science Building, room 231
Gradebook: edventure
Teaching Assistants: TA Schedule
Lab Instructor: Julia Kelly


Learning Computing with Robots, Edited by Deepak Kumar.
Using Myro to do Image Processing, example image
Using Myro to do 3D imaging


Every student will be issued a robot which will be returned at the end of the semester.

The software we will use can be used on most any computer, including Linux, Windows, and Apple. The Laboratory computers in Park Science 231 will be available for your use, so you do not need your own computer.


We will use the program Python, a freely available language. We will also use a Python library, called Myro. These are all available on the Computer Science computers. You can also install Python and Myro on your own computer.


Week 1: Jan 19, Jan 21
What is computing!? Introduction to Python
Lab #1
Week 2: Jan 26, Jan 28
What is Computing? and Robotics, Python, Myro, and Meet your Robot
Lab #2
Week 3: Feb 2, Feb 4
Variables, Building Brains, Functions Advanced Brains
Lab #3
Week 4: Feb 9, Feb 11
Building Brains 3
Lab #4
Week 5: Feb 16, Feb 18
Hellweek, Behaviors, and Boolean Logic
Lab #5
Week 6: Feb 23, Feb 25
Vision, Images, and Pixels; Guest speaker: Judith Bishop, Microsoft
Lab #6
Week 7: Mar 2, Mar 4
Advanced Functions and Image Processing and Review, Midterm
Demonstrate Lab #6
Week 8: Mar 9, Mar 11
Spring Break!
No classes
Week 9: Mar 16, Mar 18
Lab #8
Week 10: Mar 23, Mar 25
Game video and making games
Lab #9
Week 11: Mar 30, Apr 1
Maze game, and making music
Lab #10
Week 12: Apr 6, Apr 8
Computational Thinking
Lab #11
Week 13: Apr 13, Apr 15
First Annual National Robotics Week; Artificial Intelligence. Thursday is a bonus demonstration day. Sample code from class on Tuesday, Sample code from Thursday
Work on Project
Week 14: Apr 20, Apr 22
Topics in Computer Science: Bryn Mawr Hospital Experiment, AI, The Internet and the Web; Myro's MyWeb
Work on Project
Week 15: Apr 27, Apr 29
Final Exam
Project Presentations

Other dates of interest:


Exam 1: 20%
Exam 2: 25%
Labs & Written Work: 55%


  1. Disney's Lion King's Wildebeest Stampede
  2. Scribbler Dance (from Rachel)
  3. Another Scribbler Dance (from Samar)
  4. SONY Robots dancing
  5. Another humanoid robot dance
  6. SONY Rolly Dance
  7. Dancing Penguin robots
  8. A Penguin robot (sort of dancing)
  9. Sync. Dance: Sarcoman Robot
  10. Keepon Dance
  11. A kid dancing with a robot
  12. A Robot Ballet (Nutcracker)
  13. Dabcing Vacuum Cleaner Robots
  14. Robot Artist (3:21)
  15. Hektor: The graffitti drawing robot: Several videos
  16. AARON The Cybernetic Artist (visit the web page and even download a version for your computer)
  17. An interactive Scribbler
  18. Braitenberg Style: Wiggle: A Robot Stalker
  19. Braitenberg Style: A Spider Robot
  20. Braitenberg Style: Timid (using LEGO Midnstorm)
  21. Braitenberg Style: Indicisive (using LEGO Mindstorm)