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CS 380 Recent Advances in Computer Science
Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor

Description: A topical course facilitating an in-depth study on a current topic in computer science. Topics vary from offering to offering so the course can be repeated. Past topics include:

  • Biologically Inspired Computational Models of Learning
  • Evolutionary Robotics
  • Computer-related Risks
  • Developmental Robotics (Spring 2003)
  • An Investigation of Computer Security (Fall 2003)

Course Materials:

Computer Science Courses

Courses listed in Brown are offered at Bryn Mawr College only, those in RED are offered at Haverford College only, those in BLACK are offered at both colleges. See current course catalog for offering schedules.

Introductory Courses

CS100 The World of Computing
CS110 Introduction to Computer Science
CS130 Foundations of Rigorous Thinking
CS205 Introduction to Computer Science
CS206 Data Structures
CS231 Discrete Mathematics

Core Courses

CS240 Principles of Computer Organization
CS245 Principles of Programming Languages
CS330 Algorithms: Design & Practice
CS340 Analysis of Algorithms
CS345 Theory of Computation

200-Level Electives

CS212 Computer Graphics
CS222 Introduction to Scientific Computing

CS235 Information and Coding Theory
CS246 Programming Paradigms

CS250 Computational Models in the Sciences

Systems Courses

CS350 Compiler Design
CS355 Operating Systems

Upper-level Electives

CS320 Numerical Analysis
CS361 Emergence

CS371 Cognitive Science
CS372 Artificial Intelligence
CS376 Androids: Design & Practice
CS380 Recent Advances in Computer Science

CS393 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems
CS394 Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics
CS450 Computing Across the Sciences