CS376 Androids: Design and Practice

Bryn Mawr College
Computer Science
Spring 2002


Welcome to the course webpage for CS376 Androids: Design and Practice! If you don't see a menu to the left, then you should come back to this page via this link. Logging in will allow access to reserves, grades, chat, etc.

This course was designed to examine human-level intelligence and physical abilities. However, rather than start with that specific goal, we will start small and incrementally build towards that end. Therefore, we will examine smaller, less capable robots first, and then move up through the robotic genealogical tree, ending with a humanoid robot frame.

Students should have some programming skills, including a mastery of basic data structures. This course does not require engineering skills, or, in fact, any hardware skills at all (I don't have any!). You will learn everything that you need with regard to robotics. This is a hands-on course, and we will do lots of coding. We will code in basically two languages: Interactive C (a subset of C), and Python (a simple OO scripting language). We will learn both of these languages as we go.

Instructor: Douglas Blank
Room: Park 10
Time: 10:00-11:30, Monday and Wednesday

Office: Park 246B
Phone: 6501
Email: dblank@brynmawr.edu

Notice also the related course "Robots Gone Berserk" and its film schedule, every Monday night at 7pm.


  1. Schedule

Exams. There will be three exams over the semester.

Projects. About half of our in-class time will be spent as a laboratory. There will be lab exercises each week, and a lab assignment every two weeks to turn in. The projects will be done in pairs. There will also be a final project due during the 15th week, with a write-up, demo, and presentation.

Written Work. You will have lab reports to turn in each week, and a final report.

Misc. You will be able to see your grades, assignments, reserves, games, etc., after you log into Edventure. To get your Edventure password, email a blank message to 'edventure@dangermouse.brynmawr.edu' with the word 'password' in the subject. You should do this from your Bryn Mawr account (not Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) Let me know if you have any problems.

Douglas S. Blank