CS383: Lab 9 -- Mongo Queries

In this lab you will be writing a set of queries in Mongo using the mgoactor and mgofilm collections of the sakila database.
  1. number of actors with first name BOB
  2. number of actors with first name BOB or PENELOPE
  3. actor with first name that starts with N and end with E show only first name
  4. actor with a Z in either first or last name
  5. actor whose first name has an E and has been in a film in category 16
  6. first name of all actors in film with id 513
  7. same as previous, but only showing the name of the film
  8. first name of all actors in film 513 (and title of film)
  9. title of all films in category 2 that have an actor named GENE
  10. all movies in which actor 1 and actor 4 both appear
  11. title and length of all movies in which an actor with the last name starting with G appeared with an actor last name ending with OD
  12. title and first name of actor for all moves in which the film is in category 9 and has an actor with either PA or PE in their first name
  13. find the the first and last name of all actors who have been in a category 2 or category 3 movie with someone whose name does NOT start with PEN

What to hand in

Send the Mongo query commands -- not the results, just the commands -- to gtowell@brynmawr.edu.