Lab 7

In this lab you will be transforming a set of tables so that they are consistent with 3NF (third normal form) and the discussion of primary keys from before break. There is a full set of data associated with each table. You need not transform all of the data. Rather, the goal here is to transorm the table design and transform one or two rows of data from each table. That is, show a sample of what the fully transformed data would look like.

Links to each data file

The data in the tables below are of atrractions and major geographical features for a bunch of countries. The individual tables are:
  1. mountain_ranges_table
  2. country_table
  3. tourist_attractions_table
  4. destinations_table
  5. seas_table

UML-ish for the current tables

Mountain Ranges
Attribute NameTypeOther
name of rangevarcharprimary key
countries listvarcharforeign key to countries
peak namevarchar
peak heightint
Attribute NameTypeOther
name of countryvarcharprimary key
mountain ranges listvarcharforeign key to mountain ranges
cities listvarcharforeign key to Destination / City
Attribute NameTypeOther
name of attractionvarcharprimary key
Cityvarcharforeign key to Destination / City
Destinations / City
Attribute NameTypeOther
Name of cityvarcharprimary key
Countryvarcharforeign key to country
Attractionsvarcharforeign key to attractions
Attribute NameTypeOther
namevarcharprimary key
Country listvarcharforeign key to country
max depthint


Thanks for the use of the data.

What to hand in

Send email to with a redesigned set of tables and a couple of rows of sample data for each table.