CS 383

Lab 1 -- Jan 19

Today's lab is very simple.
  1. Confirm that your ID card gets you into the lab -- Park 230 and Park 231.
  2. Log into a CS department lab machine using your UNIX login. If you did not already have a login, you should have received an email from ddiaz1 with login information
  3. Log in to the class database server and checke your database access
      This should result in your being logged in to a machine named "loin"
    2. At a unix prompt enter
      This should get you logged into the command prompt of the database under your unix login.
    3. At the database command prompt exit
    4. At a unit prompt enter
                      psql -h -U YOURUNIXLLOGIN_123 -d rocket
      Where "YOURUNIXLLOGIN_123" is your unix login name followed by "_123". For instance, for me this would be "gtowell_123"
    5. When prompted, give the password 12345678
    6. At the database command prompt exit
If the initial unix login fails, contact David Diaz for help (ddiaz1@brynmawr.edu). If either of the two database logins fail, contact me.
Send email to gtowell380@cs.brynmawr.edu with a picture of your screen after logging in to and doing one or both of the database tests.