Homework 5: Data Interactively

The goal of this homework is to take the data you put into Mondo and Postgres and give it a web interface.

We Interface requirements

The web interface must have the following characteristics:

What to hand in

The short answer is everything you did -- except the data -- plus a text file, named README. The readme should contain the following information:
  1. A list of the files you are including with your submission and what those files contain.
  2. Instructions for how to access your web interface. This is probably just a URL
  3. Instructions for how to restart your Node.js instance should the server reboot.
  4. If you are including changed data files from HW4, a brief explanation of those data files and why they were changed.
The files you submit should include:

How to submit

Use the process for submission from HW1 except put your document(s) in a directory named, for example, hw5. Then execute
    /home/gtowell/bin/submit -c 383 -d hw5 -p 5 
There may be other versions of submit on the servers. Be sure to use mine. The arguments to submit have the following meanings: You may submit as many times as you like. I will only look at your final submission unless you tell me otherwise.