Electronic Submissions

CS 206 - Introduction to Data Structures

Assignment 1 - due Wednesday September 11 prior to 11:59PM

This assignment will simply take the work that you did in Lab 1 and electronically submit it. The intent is to clear up a bunch of possible kinks before submitting any meaningful work.

This assignment is worth 10% of the subsequent assignments.

Your submission will be handed in using a UNIX program called submit.

Standard warning: If you write your program on computers other than those in the lab, be aware that your program will be graded based on how it runs on the department’s server, not how it runs on your computer.

The submission should include the following items:

There must be a plain text file called README. This file should follow the format of this sample README
2. Source files:
Main.java and any others
3. Data files used:
If you are using standard class datafiles, do NOT include them
Data files that are read from the class site. Do include any of your own data files.

The following steps for submission assume you are using Eclipse, and that you created a project named HelloWorld2 in the directory /home/YOU/cs206/

  1. Put the README file into the Project directory. Assuming that you following the lab's directions this is: (/home/YOU/cs206/HelloWorld2)
  2. Go to the directory /home/YOU/cs206
  3. Enter /home/gtowell/bin/submit -c 206 -p 1 -d HelloWorld2

For more on using the submit script click here