Bryn Mawr College
CMSC 399 Senior Conference
Spring 2017
Course Materials
Prof. Deepak Kumar


Course Information: This is the webpage for Spring 2017 Senior Conference. Please pay special attention to Important Dates and class meeting schedule.

Deepak Kumar, 246B Park Hall, x7485
E-Mail: dkumar at cs dot brynmawr dot edu

Lecture Hours: Fridays, 2:10pm - 4:00pm
Room: Park 227

Texts & Software

  • No required texts

Important Dates

1/24: 3-page outline
2/7: Extended abstract (8-10 pages) - intro, motivation, background, literature review, your efforts to date
3/20: First draft
4/3: Second draft
4/17: Thesis/Report due
4/24: Final edited report/thesis due
5/1: Presentations


Your total grade will be calculated as a weighted average according to the following weights:

Attendance: 20%
Making all deadlines: 20%
Discussions, progress reports, peer feedback: 20%
Report/Thesis quality: 40%
Total: 100%