Network Analysis - Project

Due Dates for Each Component are Listed on the Course Website

The course project will give you an opportunity to apply network analysis techniques to a real problem in one of four fields: 
  1. sustainability,
  2. biology,
  3. policy, or
  4. physics. 

Identify a problem within one of these fields that can be either formulated as a relational network or for which you can apply network analysis techniques.  Focus on choosing a problem that will have a measurable positive impact to society.  You must be able to articulate the impact that solving this problem will have to this other field and to society in general. 

You should work with 2-3 other students in the course.  A three-person team will be expected to do significantly more work than a two-person team.

There will be several deliverables required as part of the project:

On many of these components, you and your groups members will be required to document the breakdown of work for assignment of credit.  This will also include peer reviews of your work from your other group members.