Network Analysis - Assignment 4

Due May 1, 2013 by 11:59pm

You should submit a write-up of your assignment both in pdf form and in hardcopy.  The pdf is due by electronic submission before the due date and time.  The electronic submission timestamp is what counts for determining whether your assignment was submitted on-time.  You may turn the hardcopy printout in up to three days later, but it must be identical to the electronic submission.  You will also submit your code electronically.

To submit your assignment, save your assignment as cs380hw4_lastname.pdf (substituting in your last name), and e-mail it to me with the subject of "CS380 Assignment 4 Lastname".  Make sure you give me a hard-copy of your write-up for the assignment.

1.)  A real-world power law network (60 pts)

Download the file, a snapshot of a Gnutella peer-to-peer file-sharing network in the year 2000.

2.)  Hierarchical clustering (40 pts)

Use Pajek to hierarchically cluster the Gnutella network.

Briefly describe what the hierarchical clustering reveals about the network.