CMSC380: Tentative List of Topics for Presentations

The following is a list of topics you all have proposed. Please let me know if I got anything incorrect. For those who have sent a link to your papers/articles, thank you. Others, please do so as soon as possible so I can have a final list and then make a final rpesentation schedule.

Name Topic
Adnane,Nadine Brain-Computer Interfaces - Todd
Anagnostou,Elia Steganography
Bonilla,Naomi Differential Privacy-1
Braun,Viktoria Graph Compression
Choudhary,Nisha TBD
Dakir,Lamiaa Steganography
Fan,Chen Ethics??
Fang,Xinning DNA Storage - Olgca work
Floyd,Isabel Baker Quantum Computing-1
Fucci,Sonya Compression Scheme for Similarity Queries
Haque,Tanjuma Chemotherapy…DRK paper
Harbert,Marilyn G Differential Privacy - 2020 Census
Hurwitz,Abbie Schaefer Covert Channels in Games
Inman,Nina Quantum Computing-2
Jang,Eun Soo Information Ethics
Lobel,Emily G. Bird Flocking
Malusa,Ruby Statistical Properties of Human DNA
Nolan,Haley Grace Compression in NLP
Paladugu,Lipi Information Reliability, Fake News
Rosenman,Alison Lea Information Theory & Economics
Trump,Sophia Differential Privacy - Theoretical Aspects
Wang,Jenny Forecasting User Visits for Online Advertising
Zhu,Linda Epidermal Electronics