CMSC380 Recent Advances in Computer Science
Science of Information

Fall 2019


Proposal due on Friday, November 8 by NOON.


Pick a Science of Information related topic and do a short 10 minute presentation on it. You may pick any topic from those on the Center for Science of Information website ( Look at the people who are member of the center (About-> Participants-> Faculty or click here). Browse through the faculty pages, and/or their recent publications. Any of those listed on the center website can be possible topics for presentation. Alternately, consult the class lectures posted and brose through the list of references. Here are some possible ideas:

  • Quantum Information
  • Information Visualization: Word Clouds, graphs, networks, audio/video encoding, etd.
  • Information privacy
  • Ethics of Information
  • Economic Information
  • Brain Decoding
  • Epidermal Electronics
  • Quantum Computing & Quantum Supremacy
  • Graph Compression
  • Social network Analysis
  • Data/Information Visualization (Consult with instructor)
  • etc.
  • Please, for your topic, consult with Deepak before confriming.

    Presentations will be scheduled during class time on December 4, 6, 9, and 11.