CS 380 Lab 6:  Project Communication (part II - 2 weeks)

In many cases, people request a single Powerpoint (or PDF) slide that describes your project.  One-slide overviews are similar to elevator talks, but are visual.  In many cases, you don't get to present them or they are presented by someone else, making it even more essential that you are clear and concise.  It doesn't work to simply pack more text into the slide.  Dense text is either skimmed or ignored.  Instead, it is best to communicate your ideas using graphics, tables, and charts accompanied by some text.  My rule of thumb is that at least 50% of the slide should be graphics.  "Talking" balloons are often useful to point out key points of tables and charts.

Create a penta chart that describes your project.  You may use the template available at http://www.darpa.mil/dso/solicitations/baa09-70Penta-ChartTemplate.ppt or you may create your own template following the same format.  If you use the DARPA template, delete the DARPA logo in the upper left corner and the "H or A" and "PM Name/DSO" from the lower right corner.  Don't worry about estimating the cost of the project -- in our case, it is effectively zero. 

You may produce your penta chart either in powerpoint or by hand with extremely neat drawing and writing.  Don't worry about any graphics you use being perfect and don't spend too much time on them -- make them only neat enough to communicate the necessary message.  Clipart is fine.  Instead, focus primarily on the text.

You will have two weeks to complete this assignment.  If you are in the project group of four people, you may work with one other person in your project group to create the penta chart.  If you are in the group of three, you may work with two other people in your project group to create the penta chart.  Submit your lab by e-mailing the powerpoint (or PDF printout of it) to me at eeaton@cs.brynmawr.edu by November 18th.