Bryn Mawr College
CMSC 372: Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2017
Instructor: Deepak Kumar


Due on Wednesday September 20


Title: Intrtoducing Pac-Man

For this assignment, you have to do the following:

  1. Learn/review Python: Here are a couple of good pointers:
    1. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist by Jeffrey Elkner, Allen B. Downey, and Chris Meyers
      A good tutorial that covers all the Python basics from scratch. It is like a short crash course.
    2. A Python Refresher (from UC Berkeley)
      Reviews Python specifically from the perspective of getting up and running on the assignments in this course.
  2. Make sure you have a Linux account on the CS servers (details in class)
  3. You will be doing this assignment in pairs. Please identify a partner and send an e-mail to Deepak latest by September 14. It is important that you choose a partner from class. You will not be allowed to work on your own for this assignment. If you find yourself wothout a partner, please let me know and I will assign one for you.
  4. Download the Pac-Man codebase from here: Click here.
  5. The rest of the assignment is detailed in the Lab Handout Document: Click Here.

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