CS 246 Assignment 9

This assignment is to write obfuscated C. Write the ugliest, least readable, C that you can imagine. For inspiration you might look at IOCCC. While you can be inspired by those examples, you need not follow the IOCCC rules. Be inspired by those rules; some of them certainly do not apply.

The important part of this assignment is to have have fun. (See the grading standards below.)


Your assignment will be graded as follows: There will be no bonus points for handing this in early.


Write a block of code in the style of the obfuscated C code competition. It can do anything. Some constraints:

Suggested Approach

  1. Come up with an idea for what you want your code to do
  2. Write code to do that using good-ish style.
  3. Repeat:
    1. Make a copy of your current code
    2. Obfuscate it a little bit
    3. Note down what you did
    4. Test you code to ensure it still works
I make this suggestion based on my own experience; it is really hard to debug obfuscated code, even when you are the one obfuscating it.

What to Hand in