Bryn Mawr College
CMSC 240: Principles of Computer Organization
Due in class on Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Description: Write a LC-3 machine language program to compute the minimum value stored in 10 memory locations.



  1. You will need to store 10 random values in consecutive memory locations. You may use any values. Store them starting from location x3030.
  2. Leave the minimum value found in register R1.
  3. Store your program starting from memory location x3000
  4. Start by writing the program in pseudocode, choose registers for variables used in psuedocode. Encode the pseudocode in LC-3 instructions.
  5. Submit (via e-mail) a snapshot of the Simulator screen showing contents of all registers. Also, hand in a snapshpt of the data used in the program.

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