CS 206 - Introduction to Data Structures

Lab 3


Friday, Feb 19

In this lab you will practice using the system for submitting homework. The outline for the submitting homework are (each of these is shown in more detail below):
  1. Open a terminal. I will refer to this as T1
  2. ssh in to the server
  3. Make an appropriately named directory
  4. Open a second terminal. (T2)
  5. Make sure that everything is ready to submit
  6. Make a file named README
  7. Using T2 copy all of the files you created on your computer to the server in the directory you just created
  8. Use the submit program to turn in your homework.

Detailed Steps

Open a terminal

"powershell" on Windows or "terminal" on mac

SSH in in to the server


Make an appropriately named directory on the server

You should probably make two directory. First a directory named CS206 into whcih everything will go durign the semester. Then a subdirectory to contain the actual stuff you are submitting. To do so, in the terminal with teh SSH sesstion from the previous steps
mkdir CS206
cd CS206
mkdir LAB3
I usually name my folders with all caps so I can recognise them as folders easily, but that is my own style choice.

Make sure that everything is ready to submit

Generally, confirm that your code compiles and runs correctly and that your code is completely commented.

For this lab, you do not have any code. Also, I do not care about comments so there is nothing to do. So for this lab, you should just open the folder you made for lab 2. That will be perfectly fine.

Make a file named ReadMe

Within the current folder in VSC, make a new file named ReadMe. For assignments, the contens of this file is well described and you should follow that description. For this lab, the only content of the ReadMe file should be your name. If yo want to put more, that is OK.

Open a second terminal

If you are using Visual Studio, you already have one open. Usually it is the bottom 1/3 of the screen on the right side. If you do not have a terminal open , you can open one from the "terminal menu", select "new terminal". The advantage of using the terminal from VSC is that it is already in the correct directory for your code.

If you are not using the terminal within VSC, use cd to move through your directory structure to get to the directory containing your code.

Using T2 copy ...

Go the terminal T2. This is within VSC if you have been doing everything I suggested. This terminal is connected to your local machine. First confirm you really are in the right place.
If you do not see a listing of files that at least includes ReadMe (from an earlier step), you are not in the right place.

Copying files is pretty easy. Especially if you want to copy all of the files in a directory. You can do this with a single command.

        scp * YOUR_UNIX_NAME@
If you want to copy just one file, for instance ReadMe,
        scp ReadMe YOUR_UNIX_NAME@
Note that CS206 and LAB3 are both names you created in an earlier step. If you made different names, substitute appropriately.

Use the submit program to turn in your lab

Return to the terminal you opened int he first step. you should still be loggin into the department's UNIX servers and in the directory CS206. If you are not, then get there.

First, do a quick check. In this case, just make sure the files yo copies are there. To do so, just get a listing of the contents of the LAB3 directory.

    ls LAB3
Assuming that directory contains at least the ReadMe file, you are good. For assignment submissions, you might want to comfirm that you program compile abd runs correctly on UNIX. To do so (assuming that the main class of your program is named XXXX and that it is in the directory LAB3 ):
    cd LAB3
    javac XXXX.java 
    java XXXX 
    cd ..

Once in the correct directory and you have confirmend that yo are really ready to go, execute the following command
    /home/gtowell/bin/submit -c 206 -p 1 -d LAB3
Briefly, this says to submit the entire contents of the directory LAB3 for course number 206 as project number 1.

The output you see from the submit program should look similar to this

        gtstudent@home:~$ /home/gtowell/bin/submit -c 206 -p 1 -d tmp

CS Submission System Spring 2021
Submitting Project 1 for CMSC206 with gtowell

Creating archive for submission...

Submitting archive...
Submission complete! Submission timestamp is 2021-02-19-08-46-20-EST.
If you do not see the Submission Complete! message, then something failed.

You can use submit> multiple times. I will only grade your final submission, unless you tell me otherwise. (In past years, I have had people submit up to 6 times. Among other things, submit puts a timestamp on your file, so I know when it arrived.


You are done. No email.

This is the exact process you will use to submit all homework. The only significant difference for homework submission will be that the project number and directory name will change.