CS202: Mobile Computing, Bryn Mawr College

Douglas Blank
Fall 2012


Mobile Computing is the study of the human-computer interaction between non-expert computer users and low-cost, richly-connected mobile devices controlled by software "apps." Because the user is considered to be non-expert, mobile computing has driven the development of intuitive interfaces (such as touch-based screens). Because the the device is small, relatively inexpensive, and richly connected (with computer servers and other mobile users), mobile computing has driven the development of novel apps, especially those involving non-centralized, distributed use (such as geo-tagging, microblogging, and interactive games). This course will explore these apps (including user interface design), networks (including security), and devices (including smart phones, PDAs, tablet computers, wearable computers, and "carputers"). We will also explore the interaction of software development, networking, and the mobile device especially in those areas of "disruptive technologies."

General Information

Instructor: Douglas Blank, 248 Park Science Building, 526-6501
Email: dblank (at) cs (dot) brynmawr (dot) edu
Web: cs.brynmawr.edu/~dblank
Office hours: Monday and Wednesday, 2pm to 3pm
Lectures: Tues and Thursdays 9:45am - 11:15pm, Room: Park Science 337
Lab: T/R 2:15pm - 3:15pm. Park Science Building, room 231
Lab Assistants: None

On-Line Materials

docs.xamarin.com- Xamarin's documentation site
Instructions for configuring x86 Android images for Intel machines


We will be using Xamarin's MonoTouch and Mono for Android.


Week Dates (Tue, Thu) Topics Readings Assignment
1 10/30/2012, 11/01/2012 Introduction and Overview (Tuesday cancelled due to Sandy) Instructions for Download Assignment #1: Download and Install Mono tools (due Tuesday 11/06/2012)
2 11/06/2012, 11/08/2012 User Interface Read User Interface Options in MonoDevelop Assignment #2: Design a UI for bathroom, shower, and tub (due Tuesday 11/06/2012)
3 11/13/2012, 11/15/2012 Samples: Android, iOS Specific examples: Android Standard Controls, iOS Map Callouts Demo, Android Tables and Cells, Android Desktop Widget, Android Handling Rotation, Android Maps and Location Assignment #3: Presentation on Example (due Tuesday 11/20/2012)
4 11/20/2012, No Class on Thursday Thanksgiving Break! Assignment #4: Project Propsal (due Tuesday 11/27/2012)
5 11/27/2012, 11/29/2012 Project Proposal Due, discussion Read Chapters 4 and 5, from "Professional Android Programming with Mono for Android and .NET/C#" Assignment #5: UI (and more) for Project (due Tuesday 12/04/2012)
6 12/04/2012, 12/06/2012 Presentation of UI and more Review of C# and MonoDevelop
7 12/11/2012, 12/13/2012 Presentations

Other dates of interest:


Final grades will be calculated as a weighted average of all grades according to the following weights:

Quizzes: 25%
Labs: 50%
Project: 25%
Gradebook: Moodle

dblank (at) cs (dot) brynmawr (dot) edu