Assignment Grading Policy

Each programming assignment will be graded on: correctness, design and implementation, creativity, and adherance to the coding standards. Once your project is submitted, you should be careful to not change the time and date of any files you submitted (i.e. don't open them and then save them with an editor). The time and date of your files may be critical in resolving some unusual grading situations.

The course late policy, as described on the syllabus, applies to all assignments.

Correctness - 40 points
Correctness includes the following aspects of your project:

Design and implementation - 40 points
To be successful in this course, your projects must be properly designed and implemented in addition to producing the correct result. An excellent program exhibits proper (object-oriented, if required) design including encapsulation, code reuse and other OOP topics discussed in class. All implementations should exhibit appropriate top-down design. An excellent program exhibits clear, straight-forward logic in its algorithms. An excellent program *DOES NOT* contain long nested if-else statements or for/while loops with convoluted exit conditions. Your grade for this section will be

Creativity - 10 points
Be creative in your projects! Your grade for this section will depend on the level of creativity shown in your project. The instructor also reserves the right to give extra credit for especially creative, innovative, or entertaining submissions.

Adherance to Coding Standards - 10 points
It is your responsibility to read, understand, and follow the course coding standards

Your grade for this section will depend on how well you followed the coding standards.

Grading Questions
If you have a question regarding your any grade (quiz, exam, or assignment), you have exactly one week from the receipt of your grade to speak to your instructor in person.

Assignment Regrades
In some unusual circumstances you may receive a low project score because of a single, simple error that results in many incorrect outputs or results in a compiler error. The definition of "simple error" is determined by your instructor. In such cases, your instructor *may (at his discretion)* allow you to fix the simple mistake and have your project regraded. *A 10-point deduction* is assessed when your project is regraded.