CS110 Introduction to Computing
Spring 2009

Lab Assignment#7
Due on Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Assignment: Doing Demos (aka Putting on a show)

In this assignment you will write and demonstrate a program on one of the themes listed below. On April 22, we will all gather in the Computer lab and show each other our programs/demos. Here are some suggestions for programs you can write and demo:

Abstract Art
Using the Scribbler/GamePad as a musical insturment
A graphics animation
A robot puppet show
A Robot Maze Solver
An New Insect-Like Behavior
A Graphics Visualization
Tracking a ball
Exploring a Pyramid

These are just some of the suggested topics. You should feel free to suggest other ideas. You should pick one of the topics, think about what you would like to do with it, and then send your instructor an e-mail about it, by Wednesday, April 8 (this will count for 10% of your grade on the assignment).

On April 22, bring a printout of your program to hand in. We will invite other people to come to the lab and you will show off your assignment to them. We will also have some refreshments...

You are encouraged to work collaboratively with another student in the class (and even someone outside of class if you wish). Some of the topics listed above will inherently require multiple people/robots working together. The goal is to exercise your creativity and have some (computational/robot) fun in the process! We will allow collaborations of at most two people on any project.


Add the following line to all your Python programs:

# File: <place name of your program file here>
# Date: <date created>
# Created by: <your name>
# Assignment: <place assignment number here>


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