CS110 Introduction to Computing
Spring 2009

Lab Assignment#6
Due on Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Problem: Using the graphics facilities of Chapter 8&9 of your text, write a Python program that creates a graphic design. The design should be at least 800x600 pixels (height x width) in dimension. For the design of your graphic you may choose one of the following themes:

Your graphic should include a caption that specifies the theme. You may use any of the graphics facilities described in Chapters 8&9 of your text, including images (though using just an image in the graphic will not suffice). You may also use an animation if you'd like. Your program should 'create' the design using a computation or a set of transformations.

What you will need to do

  1. Make sure you have read all of Chapter 8&9 and understand the examples and library functions presented there.
  2. Do the design first: plan out a complete sketch prior to writing your program.
  3. Write the algorithm to create the design and then code it in Python.
  4. Make sure you do the above steps prior to entering the lab (or using your computer).
  5. Test and debug your program until it produces correct results.
  6. When done, print out the final version your your program and also a printout showing your program's output. To print the graphics window, you can take a snapshot of it by selecting the window and then pressing the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard. Then you can open a Word document and paste the snapshot into it for printing. For animations, send your entire program folder to your instructor.
  7. Hand in your sketch, algorithm, and printouts. Additonally, write a short essay that accompanies your design.
  8. ALL work in this course should be done individually without any help from any person other than the class TA's and instructor(s).


Add the following line to all your Python programs:

# File: <place name of your program file here>
# Date: <date created>
# Created by: <your name>
# Assignment: <place assignment number here>

Added on April 6:

Here are some useful text functions you can use. Example:

t = Text(Point(200, 200), "Hello")
t.setFace("times roman")
t.setStyle("bold italic")

Text Methods

Text(anchorPoint, string)
Constructs a text object that displays the given string centered at anchorPoint. The text is displayed horizontally.
Sets the text of the object to string.
Returns the current string.
Returns a clone of the anchor point.
Changes the font face to the given family. Possible values are: 'helvetica', 'courier', 'times roman', and 'arial'.
Changes the font size to the given point size. Sizes from 5 to 36 points are legal.
Changes font to the given style. Possible values are 'normal', 'bold', 'italic', and 'bold italic'.
Sets the color of the text to color. Note: setFill has the same effect.


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