CMSC110 (Introduction to Computing)

Fall 2013


Due before start of class on Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Task: Design an drawable object. This could be whatever you feel like drawing. To draw your object, you should use the following function:

void drawMyObject(float x, float y, float w, float h) {

Insert the name of your object in place of "MyObject" in the fuction name. Write a program that interactively draws several versions of the object in a 500 x 500 sketch. You may use the random number function to generate x, y, w and h values. You can also vary the coloring of the object each time it is drawn. Your sketch should use some interactivity (using the mouse) in some way (you can design whatever interactivity you desire).

In your overall sketch pay special attention to the aesthetic aspects of your design as well as interactivity. Be sure to use the programming features you have learned in the last week or two.

What to Hand in: Hand in the entire sketch folder in your Dropbox folder. In addition to the sketch/programs also include; (1) a gif/jpg/png image of your finished sketch. (2) A formatted write-up with Page#1 showing your sketch, followed by a title, your name, a short 1-2 line description (as discussed in class) on page#1, and a short 1-2 paragraph more detailed description of the sketch and your personal experiences working on this sketch. Hand in a printout of (2) in class on the due date.

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