CMSC110 (Introduction to Computing)

Fall 2013


Due before start of class on Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Code file for Assignment#5: Click here.

First, read Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6, from your text.

Task: Design a street light. You can design it anyway you like. You will model the street light using an object class as follows:

StreetLight light1, light2, light 3;

void setup() {
	size(_, _);
  light1 = new StreetLight(x, y, h);
  light2 = new StreetLight(...);
  light3 = new StreetLight(...);

 // end of setup

void draw() {
  // turn the light on or off

} // end of draw

class StreetLight {
 void StreetLight(...) {

 void turnOn(...) {


}// end of class StreetLight

The focus should be on the use of classes to define the Streetlight object factory. You will need to draw the constructor, various operations for turning a given light on or off, drawing it, etc. When turned on, the display of the street light should visibly change.

Later in the week, a program that uses your street light to draw a street scene will be posted. Look for it HERE.

In your overall sketch pay special attention to the aesthetic aspects of your design.

What to Hand in: Hand in the entire sketch folder in your Dropbox folder. In addition to the sketch/programs also include; (1) a gif/jpg/png image of your finished sketch. (2) A formatted write-up with Page#1 showing your sketch, followed by a title, your name, a short 1-2 line description (as discussed in class) on page#1, and a short 1-2 paragraph more detailed description of the sketch and your personal experiences working on this sketch. No printouts are necessary.

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