CMSC 110 (Introduction to Computing)


Part 1:  Due on December 3, 2012 by 11:59:59pm
Part 2:  Due before start of class on Wednesday, December 12, 2012
This is a FIRM deadline. No credit will be given for any late work.

  Identify a dataset of interest to you and using the process outlined in class for data visualization, follow the steps of acquiring, cleaning, filtering, mining, representation, and interaction to create a visual interactive sketch of the data.

Part#1: The first step is to identify the dataset and acquire it.

Part#2: Develop the visualization.

What to Hand in: 

For Part#1: A description of the domain of the dataset, its relevance, and what a visualization of it will enable. Hand in a brief short written report (less than one-half a page) in the dropbox folder. 

For Part#2: Hand in the entire sketch folder in your Dropbox folder. In addition to the sketch/program also include; (1) a gif/jpg/png image of your finished sketch. (2) A formatted write-up with Page#1 showing your sketch, followed by a title, your name, a short 1-2 line description (as discussed in class) on page#1, and a short 1-2 paragraph more detailed description of the sketch, including how to use the interactive component(s) and your personal experiences working on this sketch.