Project Summary: This project provides the tools and assistance that faculty need to create the next generation robotics laboratory at their own institutions:

  1. A well supported research-level hardware platform.
  2. An open-source software system that abstracts from the details of any particular robot and allows users to explore complex control methods at a high level.
  3. A project-based curriculum integrated with the hardware and software.

The PIs will serve as mentors through on-site visits, close e-mail contact, and yearly workshops.

Principal Investigators:

Douglas Blank, Bryn Mawr College
Kurt Konolige, SRI International
Deepak Kumar, Bryn Mawr College
Lisa Meeden, Swarthmore College
Holly Yanco, University of Massachussetts Lowell

Project Duration: January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2005

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