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The Bryn Mawr/Haverford Robocup team tied for 5th in the US Open last weekend.

Bryn Mawr Robocup Soccer Team

Pictured: (back row) Meagan Neal, Caitlyn Clabaugh, Alicia Harder, and Dan Giovannelli; (front row) Posh, Baby, Scary, and Sporty. Ginger is not pictured.

This was the team’s first competition, and the team did well considering that they got all of the code working just hours before the first game.

The team, named Digitowls, scored 2 points in the League, qualifying them for the Robocup tournament in Mexico City in June.

University of Texas, Austin won first place, followed by CMU, UPenn, and WPI. Bowdoin tied the Digitowls. The Digitowls stunned the crowd when they scored on top-seeded University of Texas, Austin.

Robocup is soccer played by robots. In our case, the robots are humanoid, bipedal, completely autonomous systems. The Digitowls use the Nao robot from Aldebaran. All of the low-level code was written in C, and the high-level code was written in Lua.

The Digitowls are composed of Meagan Neal, Caitlyn Clabaugh, Alicia Harder, and Dan Giovannelli. All are juniors, and are committed to return next year to compete again.

Associate Professor Douglas Blank, Department of Computer Science, is the team advisor.

Some video of the event: