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Department of Computer Science
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Department Chair:
     Dianna Xu
Technical Secretary:
     Ann Klingensmith

Minor in Computer Science

The requirements for a minor in Computer Science at Bryn Mawr are list below. In addition, please note our policy for outside-credit transfer into the minor.

  • CS 110 (or H105): Introduction to Computer Science, or CS 113: Computer Science I, or BIOL B115: Computing through Biology
  • CS 206 (or H106): Data Structures
  • CS/MATH 231: Discrete Mathematics
  • Core courses: any two of the following six courses:
    • CS 240: Principles of Computer Organization
    • CS 245: Principles of Programming Languages
    • CS 246: Systems Programming
    • CS 330: Algorithms: Design & Practice
    • CS 340: Analysis of Algorithms
    • CS 345: Theory of Computation
  • One elective chosen from any course in Computer Science at Bryn Mawr or Haverford, approved by the student’s coordinator in Computer Science.

As mentioned above, these requirements can be combined with any other major, depending on the student’s interests and preparation.