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Minor in Computational Methods

This minor is designed to enable students to learn computational and data-driven methods and their applications in their major area of study. Students can declare the minor at the end of their sophomore year or soon thereafter. Students should prepare a course plan and have it approved by at least two faculty advisors, one from CS and one from the intended major. The minor will comprise of a total of six courses as listed below. In addition, please note our policy on outside-credit transfer into the minor.

  • CS110 (or H105): Introduction to Computer Science, or CS113: Computer Science I, or BIOL B115: Computing through Biology
  • CS206 (or H106): Data Structures
  • CS 231: Discrete Mathematics
  • Core course (one of the following):
    • CS 245: Principles of Programming Languages
    • CS 246: Systems Programming
    • CS 330: Algorithms: Design & Practice
    • CS 340: Analysis of Algorithms
  • Two other 200-level or above elective computational courses in your major. You may substitute with appropriate CS electives. We currently accept the following list of courses from other departments. If there is a computational course in your major not on this list, please ask your major adviser to contact your CS advisor.
    • BIOL/GEOL/PHYS 250: Computational Models in the Sciences
    • CHEM 321: Advanced Physical Chemistry: Mathematical Modeling of Natural Processes
    • ECON 203: Statistical Methods in Economics
    • MATH H210: Linear Optimization and Game Theory
    • MATH H222: Introduction to Scientific Computing
    • PHYS 306: Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences
    • PHYS H316: Electronic Instrumentation and Computers
    • PHYS H322: Solid State Physics
    • PSYC 205: Experimental Methods and Statistics
    • PSYC H200: Experimental Methods and Statistics
    • SOCL H215: Quantitative Methods
    • SOCL 265: Research Design and Statistical Analysis